Recognized as Entrepreneur of the Year for 2019, Tae Winston is a serial entrepreneur and supermom from Dayton, OH

Always recognized as a woman of the people. Tae has been providing pop-up shopping experiences and other services at various events supporting the Dayton community since 2016. Tae also is the owner and operator of The Fashion Truck, Fashion Remedy. Her businesses- The Entrepreneur Marketplace, The Entrepreneur Shoppe,and The Entrepreneur Connection were birthed when Tae saw that there was a need within the community for local entrepreneurs to have a safe space to connect, shop, and sell their products and services. As the need within the community grew, even more, Tae realized that she, too, needed to branch out. Thus the Dayton Powerhouse was born. Now hailed as the featured Small Business by the Ohio Secretary of State's office, Tae is continuing to focus on her family, her community, and how to be impactful.